Peninsula Regional Medical Center en Atlantic General Hospital Adds Staff <p>Some hospitals may be laying off staff but not Atlantic General in Berlin.</p><p>With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, hospital CEO Michael Franklin told WBOC, that the facility has spent the last three years creating a safety net.</p><p>He said the hospital has gotten grants to offset increased costs and hired more nurses to take care of patients.</p><p>Franklin says the hospital has also been facing increasing cost of Medicare losing about a quarter of million dollars per quarter.</p> Fri, 20 Sep 2013 15:21:58 +0000 Don Rush 41531 at Atlantic General Hospital Adds Staff Layoffs at PRMC <p>The Peninsula Regional Medical Center Delmarva’s largest such facility is laying off 58 employees with another 130 being offered voluntary buyout packages.</p><p>Despite the cuts the hospital says it will maintain its traditional quality of care and the ratio of care providers to beds.</p><p>The Salisbury Daily Times reports that the reduction comes in the face of falling inpatient numbers and reimbursement shortfalls.</p><p>The hospital says it is seeing 66 fewer inpatients on average than it did a year ago.</p> Thu, 19 Sep 2013 13:26:04 +0000 Don Rush 41448 at Layoffs at PRMC Proposal to Build Medical School on Eastern Shore <P></P> <P>Peninsula Regional Medical Center has joined Salisbury University and the University of Maryland Eastern Shore to bring a medical school to the Delmarva peninsula.</P> <P>PRMC CEO and President Dr. Peggy Naleppa said that there was a shortage of physicians on the Shore.</P> <P>WBOC reports that the plan would allow patients to get healthcare from physicians trained here rather than going to Baltimore.</P> <P>Salisbury University President Janet Dudley-Eshbach called the partnership a good fit. Wed, 16 Jan 2013 14:10:14 +0000 Don Rush 27570 at Proposal to Build Medical School on Eastern Shore