Janet Dudley Eshbach http://delmarvapublicradio.net en SU Breaks Ground for New Academic Commons http://delmarvapublicradio.net/post/su-breaks-ground-new-academic-commons <p></p><p>Red Square on the campus of Salisbury University was filled yesterday with faculty, staff, students and guests including Delegate Norm Conway for the ground breaking on the new Patricia R. Guerrieri Academic Commons.</p><p>University officials say the four story, 224-thousand square foot building is designed to be the heart of the campus.</p><p>University President Janet Dudley Eshbach:</p><p>The new academic commons will contain a new library, an internet café, 12 classrooms, a study room that is open 24/7 along with an IT desk and the Nabb Research Center.</p> Fri, 25 Apr 2014 12:42:05 +0000 Don Rush & Erin McKibben 53170 at http://delmarvapublicradio.net SU Breaks Ground for New Academic Commons Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for SU Watertower http://delmarvapublicradio.net/post/ribbon-cutting-ceremony-su-watertower <p>It’s the largest elevated water tower in Salisbury.</p><p>In fact it’s four times higher than any other.</p><p>And the structure was unveiled in a ribbon cutting ceremony presided over by Salisbury University President Janet Dudely-Eshbach yesterday.</p><p>The 130-foot-tall Milford Street structure displays the University logo that consists of a silhouette of a seagull above the Salisbury University name in maroon.</p><p>The University paid $16-thousand for the paint and maintenance.</p> Wed, 15 May 2013 15:28:25 +0000 Don Rush 34203 at http://delmarvapublicradio.net Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for SU Watertower SU Gets Big Donation for New Library Complex http://delmarvapublicradio.net/post/su-gets-big-donation-new-library-complex <p></p><p>Salisbury University is getting a gift of $8 million for construction of the new Academic Commons that will include a state-of-the-art library.</p><p>The donation is being made in memory of Patricia Guerrieri, an SU alumna for whom the building will be named.</p><p>Michael Guerrieri told a ceremony announcing the contribution that this was an opportunity to honor the very place where his month met his father.</p> Fri, 03 May 2013 16:07:44 +0000 Don Rush 33550 at http://delmarvapublicradio.net SU Gets Big Donation for New Library Complex