electricity http://delmarvapublicradio.net en Delmarva Power Infrustructure Investment Questioned http://delmarvapublicradio.net/post/delmarva-power-infrustructure-investment-questioned <p>Delaware’s Public Service Commission says Delmarva Power should roll back some its plans for reliability investments.</p><p>The power company has said it was planning to spend $397 million over the five years to upgrade its infrastructure.</p><p>But the Wilmington News Journal reports that the PSC staff believes this could be achieved with a lower investment.</p><p>In May of last year the Commission began an investigation into whether Delmarva Power’s plans fit the needs of its customers. &nbsp;</p> Mon, 23 Jun 2014 12:33:54 +0000 Don Rush 56497 at http://delmarvapublicradio.net Delmarva Power Infrustructure Investment Questioned Delaware Electric Cooperative to Raise Rates http://delmarvapublicradio.net/post/delaware-electric-cooperative-raise-rates <p>GREENWOOD, Del. (AP) - The Delaware Electric Cooperative is increasing supply rates for the first time in six years.</p><p>WXDE-FM reports that the co-op's board voted unanimously to approve the increase on Wednesday night. The co-op serves 84,000 customers in Kent and Sussex counties.</p><p>The increase raises supply charges on customer bills from 1.56 cents per kilowatt hour to 2.4 cents per kwh. The increase in summer rates means an extra $8.40 on the monthly bill of a residential customer using 1,000 kilowatt hours per month.</p> Thu, 22 May 2014 16:28:02 +0000 Don Rush 54696 at http://delmarvapublicradio.net Delaware Electric Cooperative to Raise Rates Delmarva Power http://delmarvapublicradio.net/post/delmarva-power <p></p><p>Delmarva Power is getting a $15.1 million rate increase from the Delaware Public Service Commission.</p><p>The vote was 4-to-0.</p><p>That gives the company a profit margin of 9.7 percent.</p><p>The Wilmington News Journal reports that it is still not clear what the increase will mean for individual customers.</p> Fri, 04 Apr 2014 13:40:23 +0000 Don Rush 51998 at http://delmarvapublicradio.net Delmarva Power Delmarva Power Wants Long Term Rate Plan http://delmarvapublicradio.net/post/delmarva-power-wants-long-term-rate-plan <p>DOVER, Del. (AP) - Delmarva Power is asking Delaware utility regulators to open a docket on the company&#39;s proposal for a long-term rate plan.</p><p>Delmarva Power last week proposed a plan that would set rates through 2017.</p><p>The plan would replace a pending rate case Delmarva Power filed in March. Both plans were to be discussed at Tuesday&#39;s Public Service Commission meeting in Dover.</p> Tue, 08 Oct 2013 12:30:28 +0000 Don Rush 42537 at http://delmarvapublicradio.net Delmarva Power Wants Long Term Rate Plan Newark Signs Longterm Power Deal With UD http://delmarvapublicradio.net/post/newark-signs-longterm-power-deal-ud <p></p><p>The city of Newark has been able to lock in long-term electric rates for its largest long term consumer of electricity.</p><p>The town council has approved a 15-year contract with the University of Delaware.</p><p>WDEL reports that the city expects to get at least $300-thousand a year in sub-inventory funding from the school which will go into the town’s general fund.</p><p>That money will be credited to UD’s delivery charges which are expected to be a minimum of $2.6 million a year under the agreement.&nbsp;</p> Wed, 30 Jan 2013 14:04:55 +0000 Don Rush 28292 at http://delmarvapublicradio.net Newark Signs Longterm Power Deal With UD