David Dye http://delmarvapublicradio.net en He's My Brother, She's My Sister On World Cafe http://delmarvapublicradio.net/post/hes-my-brother-shes-my-sister-world-cafe Joining us in the studio for hour two of Tuesday's <em>World Cafe</em> is the Los Angeles band He's My Brother, She's My Sister. As the name implies, lead vocalists Robert and Rachel Kolar are indeed siblings.<p>Along with three other band members, the two have been crafting an eclectic mix of theatrical folk, garage, and even vaudeville-influenced music since 2010. After putting out a couple of singles, He's My Brother, She's My Sister released its debut album last year; it's titled <em>Nobody Dances in This Town</em>. Tue, 24 Sep 2013 21:48:00 +0000 David Dye 41760 at http://delmarvapublicradio.net He's My Brother, She's My Sister On World Cafe Elvis Costello And The Roots On World Cafe http://delmarvapublicradio.net/post/elvis-costello-and-roots-world-cafe In hour one of Tuesday's installment of <em>World Cafe</em>, we talk with <a href="http://www.npr.org/artists/15045892/elvis-costello" target="_blank">Elvis Costello</a> and <a href="http://www.npr.org/artists/15121130/the-roots" target="_blank">The Roots</a>' powerhouse drummer Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson about how they met and came to utilize hip-hop techniques to make a non-hip-hop record. Costello and The Roots unveiled their collaborative album <em>Wise Up Ghost</em> last week — it's a project they'd made in semi-secrecy.<p>Both artists have rich histories as thriving collaborators. Tue, 24 Sep 2013 21:43:00 +0000 David Dye 41755 at http://delmarvapublicradio.net Elvis Costello And The Roots On World Cafe Neko Case On World Cafe http://delmarvapublicradio.net/post/neko-case-world-cafe <em>This segment, from Sept. 18, is part of our </em>Best Of 2013<em> series, in which we revisit some of our most memorable interviews and performances of the year.</em><p><a href="http://www.npr.org/artists/14950679/neko-case" target="_blank">Neko Case</a>'s new album, <em>The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You</em>, expands upon the fiercely intelligent singer-songwriter's gifts for music that's both innately infectious and rooted in intense, accessible emotions. Wed, 18 Sep 2013 17:18:00 +0000 David Dye 41385 at http://delmarvapublicradio.net Neko Case On World Cafe Do Amor: A Rock Band In Rio http://delmarvapublicradio.net/post/do-amor-rock-band-rio The four members of Do Amor have been playing together since they were 15, when they first bonded over their love of cheap vinyl records. They recently released their second album, <em>Piracema, </em>even though they haven't had much time to play together; the band shares a rhythm section with Brazilian superstar <a href="http://www.npr.org/artists/14994307/caetano-veloso" target="_blank">Caetano Veloso</a>.<p>Listen to Do Amor's special performance for <em>World Cafe</em>, recorded live in Rio de Janeiro. <div class="fullattribution">Copyright 2013 WXPN-FM. Thu, 18 Jul 2013 20:28:00 +0000 David Dye 41825 at http://delmarvapublicradio.net Do Amor: A Rock Band In Rio Petula Clark On World Cafe http://delmarvapublicradio.net/post/petula-clark-world-cafe <a href="http://www.npr.org/blogs/monkeysee/2012/01/20/145347655/petula-clark-after-decades-miss-downtown-hits-midtown-in-cabaret">Petula Clark</a>'s new album, <em>Lost In You</em>, is her first since 2004. Thu, 30 May 2013 21:59:00 +0000 David Dye 41829 at http://delmarvapublicradio.net Petula Clark On World Cafe Ivan And Alyosha On World Cafe http://delmarvapublicradio.net/post/ivan-and-alyosha-world-cafe <a href="http://www.npr.org/artists/124498588/ivan-alyosha">Ivan and Alyosha</a> started out as the duo of Tim Wilson and Ryan Carbary, with the band's name coming from characters in the Russian novel <em>The Brothers Karamazov</em>. The two met in 2007 and immediately attracted strong national praise for their first EP, <em>The Verse, The Chorus</em>.<p>In this interview and studio performance, Wilson discusses the process of creating Ivan and Alyosha's hooky and heartfelt full-length debut, <em>All the Times We Had</em>, with host David Dye. Wed, 29 May 2013 15:23:00 +0000 David Dye 41830 at http://delmarvapublicradio.net Ivan And Alyosha On World Cafe Rob Dickinson Moves On, Again http://delmarvapublicradio.net/post/rob-dickinson-moves-again Rob Dickinson, former frontman of The Catherine Wheel, has just released a solo album, <em>Fresh Wine for the Horses</em>.<p>The record, his solo debut, was five years in the making. On it, the former frontman of the band Catherine Wheel, the shows his trademark ability to pair a good melody with his unique lyrical style.<p>When the Catherine Wheel's sixth album, <em>Wishville</em>, failed to make waves in 2000, Dickinson, a Norfolk, England, native, knew it was time to head out on his own. And he says change is nothing new for him: Dickinson began his music career as a drummer. Wed, 12 Dec 2012 15:43:00 +0000 David Dye 41877 at http://delmarvapublicradio.net Rob Dickinson Moves On, Again